Our belief

All of our consultants share the same drive to help future leaders grow and learn from past challenges. We believe that your success is our success.

Our team

Adv. Savita Morale
Founder and Chief Consultant
LLB, MMS HR, Mumbai University

Savita Morale has 15 years of experience heading HR department across various industries. She is an expert in advanced HR practices and strategies and believes that HR is a business partner and not just a support function. Refined HR strategies can directly contribute to profit.

We are a team of 15 HR experts. We have our team operating from all parts of the country. We are constantly expanding our client base and our team size.

About us

LABDHI HR has 15 years of experience. LABDHI HR is launched to share our accumulated knowledge with other business professionals. We want to help you understand the most common pitfalls and mistakes many businesses make in managing human resources.

We have clients from various industries: IT, manufacturing, MEP, firefighting, design consulting, Edu-tech, retail, healthcare, pharma, Infrastructure, Real Estate and many more.

We are very fast with our deliverables.

We’re at your service.